What started off as a small community of practitioners has turned into a fast growing Nursing Agency committed to serving you. At Medi Gig, we provide high quality Healthcare staff to clients in the South Wales area. 

We are a family run business; our biggest inspiration is our severely autistic brother/son – Abe.

Our ethos will always be to provide the highest standard of care, only employing healthcare professionals who are empathetic, kind, caring, greatly experienced and who administer the care to a standard that one’s family members would expect.

The reason we are so thorough in the selection of our healthcare workers, is because we have a son/brother who has severe autism, therefore we wanted to bring standards that we as a family would expect to receive if ever we needed to use a healthcare service. We understand the importance of extraordinary quality care for service users & this is where our passion for healthcare has derived.

 This is for you, Abe!


Leaders in Health Care Staffing Solutions



Registered General Nurse

Meet Paddy, one of our Founders and Mother to Phoebe and Abe. Paddy is a Registered General Nurse, trained in the prestigious St. Bartholemew’s Hospital, London. With an impressive 35+ years of experience behind her; the former Director of Nursing for the Saudi Royal Military hospital. She works on the front line of Medi Gig as our very much-loved Lead Nurse.

In her spare time (which she doesn’t get much of), Paddy loves to make the most of life and she always puts other people before herself. She makes everyone feel welcome and is inclusive to all members of staff. Paddy has been known to be the glue of the team wherever she goes!

She is the shining star of the company – and the inspiration behind the start up! She has devoted her life to helping others, and she would not have it any other way, our business would not be possible without such professional guidance from her. 


Chief Executive Officer

Meet Phoebe, the CEO of Medi Gig! She is a Law & Criminology Graduate from Cardiff University. Her background while extensive is extremely untraditional. Pre pandemic she was working for Middle Eastern Royalty in Saudi Arabia, she has worked in Crown Courts and has always been an advocate for change!

Since she was a child, she has always said no matter what career path she chose, she would always want to make a difference in the world. She was a high school drop-out, due to bullying. Phoebe then went back into education at 21 and went to Cardiff University where she obtained her degree in Law.

During university Phoebe worked as a Healthcare Support Worker and realised how underappreciated the workforce were and that’s when she realised she wanted to make a difference in this sector.

Phoebe has helped care for her severely autistic brother, Abe since she was a small child and being a carer for Abe plus a carer for her residents, she realised her calling. She did not want to create a profit driven recruitment agency for Nurses and Carers, like many others in the industry – she knew she had to create something different – a happy agency where the main objective is to recruit people who have empathy and kindness as an imperative trait and also pay them what they deserve.

Phoebe is confident in her business objective as it started out as Paddy-Jane & herself, since April it has grown from the 2 of them to a team of just shy of 100! She has a strong ethos of caring for the carers and making sure they are happy, as this eliminates the risk of staff burnout, which ultimately leads to an underappreciated/unhappy workforce.

Phoebe recruits people she would want to care for her brother, the company is derived from this premise, as he is her best friend and no matter how old they both grow, he will always be her little baby. This leads Medi Gig to being a team of highly empathic, highly skilled Healthcare professionals. 



Operations Director

Meet Danielle, the tech wizard of the team! She has been part of the family for over 17 years, having worked for our family business from the age of 17.

Dani has also worked as a Healthcare Support Worker and loved her role, she holds the same values as Paddy & Phoebe when it comes to fair pay for carers and recognises the pitfalls of the industry such as staff burnout, which we as a company are looking to eradicate.

She loves all sport and is a season ticket holder for Swansea City FC. Dani is a passionate LGBT advocate, and this is felt throughout our entire company.

She gives every task she is set 100% and we could not wish for a better team member! You will have lots of contact with Dani whether you're a client of ours or one of the team and we're sure you'll agree that she's a dream. 

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